Pro Plus Series Mobile Package - X10DR-PU2

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The Pro Plus Secure Wireless Microphone is designed for use by the sole worker in a vehicle.  X10DR allows the user to move up to 500m (1600ft) from their vehicle, line of sight) while maintaining communications with the entire team over the mobile radio network.

The Pro Plus series is also now capable of "lone worker" operation when configured with the XSJB junction box which also allows communication of a second mobile radio or sat-link device.

Should the driver usually remain in the vehicle, an XTBM Talkback Mic can be installed so they can communicate locally with their out of vehicle work partner. 

The Pro Plus package includes a magnetic latching Secure Wireless Microphone with Emergency, Talkaround, Hirose audio headset port, 3.5mm earpiece jack, enhanced Spk Mic antenna, 1450mA Li-Polymer long-life battery, integrated long mounting clip, Mobile Gateway, user card and 12 month warranty. 

The Pro Plus package also includes: 
- ”Sharkfin” XMPA Multi-polarity antenna with 5.2 meters LMR200 type low loss coax and pre-terminated with RP SMA-M connector, 
- 1.5M radio Interface cable* 

- Order alternate mounting clips as desired.

- Order Talkback microphone as required

- Order XCA series radio interface adaptor to complete installation package.

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