Shipping Overview

We typically ship X10DR products via UPS globally. Sometimes goods will be deliver by DHL when more appropriate. As we ship from various global fulfilment centres, shipping rates may be prohibitive if you are just buying a couple of small low cost items.  If so, to maximise the <2Kg shipping weight, you might consider buying additional X10DR batteries*  as their normal effective operational life is typically less than 3 years. Li-Ion batteries can be stored for 12 months without any significant detrimental effect on their operational life. 

*we have a special promotion of XVMC-RK-B back cover kits that include a regular 1450mA XSMB-C14 Li-Ion replacement battery for just $35.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ONLY SHIP TO BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Orders that request residential address shipment will be subject to additional fees due to the requirements of UPS shipping terms. You will be contacted if that is the situation.

Shipping weights are based on actual or volumetric weights - whichever is the greater.

Shipping Rates are as follows:

*Free Shipping is not applicable for discounted items

USA /Canada

  •  <2kg—US$95.00
  • 2.5-5kg—US$165.00
  • 5.5-11kg—US$195.00
  • 12-18kg—US$245.00
  • 19-25kg—US$290.00
  • 26-50kg—US$490.00
  • 51-75kg—US$690.00


  • <2kg —US$140.00
  • 2.5-5kg—US$190.00
  • 5.5-11kg—US$290.00
  • 12-18kg—US$390.00
  • 19-25kg—US$590.00
  • 26-50kg—US$790.00
  • 51-75kg—US$990.00


  •  <2kg—US$95.00
  • 2.5-5kg—US$125.00
  • 5.5-11kg—US$165.00
  • 12-18kg—US$245.00
  • 19-25kg—US$290.00
  • 26-50kg—US$490.00
  • 51-75kg—US$690.00


  •  <3kg—US$25.00
  • 3.5-5kg—US$35.00
  • 5.5-11kg—US$50.00
  • 12-18kg—US$145.00
  • 19-25kg—US$190.00
  • 26-50kg—US$290.00
  • 51-75kg—US$490.00 

New Zealand

  • <3kg—US$55.00
  • 3.5-5kg—US$75.00
  • 5.5-11kg—US$95.00
  • 12-18kg—US$190.00
  • 19-25kg—US$290.00
  • 26-50kg—US$490.00
  • 51-75kg—US$690.00

Rest of the world

please contact for shipping costs if your required shipment outside of the on-line available shipping countries.