WPLEH-TL Extra loud across ear earpiece for iTRQ

Wireless Pacific

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The extra loud earpiece that helps protect your hearing

Wireless Pacific's professional LEH Extra Loud earpieces allow (should) users to wear noise reduction earplugs and to still hear vital communications due to their higher sound pressure output. The lower output of standard earpieces may prevent the use of earplugs and the like and subsequently put the user at risk of eventual hearing loss by being forced to wear no protection in order to hear essential operations directions over the radio channel over their working life.

The patented secure twist and lock 2.5mm earpiece connection with Wireless Pacific's globally acclaimed iTRQ Advanced Ear Microphone harness eliminates wear on the radio's accessory connector, hence improving long term reliability and reducing long term radio maintenance costs.

The patented detachable earpiece design also allows you to save money while satisfying the duty of care OSHA compliance. Personal issue of earpieces is not only essential for hygiene, and occupational health and safety compliance but helps increase user accountability and keeps team morale high.

Made to be comfortably worn all day long - they melt away within moments; accessories that deliver feel good, crystal clear audio yet, are priced so you can choose what best suits your operational needs without compromising your budget.

Built for mission-critical and business alike

The high quality, durability, and reliability of the LEH Extra loud earpiece is the result of an impeccable design approach to meet the highest standards required by government agencies and law enforcement officers working in critical scenarios.

Professional business users can feel assured that you are getting the same superior industrial class dependability and performance, no matter the size or type of your operation.

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