WPiTRQ-X10 Advanced Ear Microphone (requires TL earpiece).

Wireless Pacific

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Wireless Pacific's professional iTRQ advanced ear microphones are designed to allow you to leave the whisper clear microphone harness permanently attached to the radio and simply swap earpieces when users change shifts. The patented twist and lock 2.5mm earpiece connection eliminates wear on the radio's accessory connector, hence improving long term reliability and reducing long term radio maintenance costs.

The patented design also allows you to save money while satisfying the duty of care OH&S compliance. When personal issue costs exceed your operational budget you can choose to just buy one iTRQ accessory per radio and then choose from a variety of inexpensive, comfortable earpieces to suit the personal preference of every staff member. Personal issue of earpieces is not only essential for hygiene, and occupational health and safety compliance but helps increase user accountability and keeps team morale high.

Order with TL series earpieces desired or buy T&L earpieces separately.

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