X10DR® Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution - Digital Vehicular Repeater System (DVRS)

Our latest-generation X10DR long-range wireless remote speaker microphone is a complete mission-critical solution. A smart digital vehicular repeater (DVRS) alternative that unleashes the power of your mobile radio, like never before! Three models are available.  Elite Plus our mission-critical centric, full systems model. Pro Plus our lone worker business-critical user solution and Lite our affordable solution for every other mobile radio user.

Elite Plus models now allow up to three handsets to operate from a single-vehicle gateway. Thereby creating an exclusive, totally secure and private local talkaround channel. Allowing your team to communicate license-free on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network.

Best of all it can be equipped to provide full-duplex handsfree operation on site. A simple, intuitive, cost-effective out of vehicle communications smart alternative to traditional digital vehicular repeater systems (DVRS).

Elite Plus handsfree mode allows users to communicate securely and privately locally on-site without the need to press to talk. Elite’s handsfree mode can be in many cases used without additional external earpieces/headsets as long as handsets are not within close audible range of each other. Prefered operation requires the use of a plug-in headset and locating the X10DR handset device on the user’s shoulder for optimum range.

For best handsfree operation,  the use of noise-cancelling headset with a boom microphone which can be located close to the user's lips (but not too close otherwise a handsfree operator’s breathing may be of annoyance to other listeners). The X10DR naturally provides programmable external microphone sensitivity so a wide selection of audio headset devices and operators can be supported.

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