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XMPA Multi-polarity Antenna

Wireless Pacific

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The Wireless Pacific XMPA multi-polarity antenna has been specifically crafted and optimized for use with the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone series. XMPA is designed for 2400-2500 Mhz and provides an optimal omnidirectional 360 degree pattern. The multi-polarity design takes advantage of the multi-path effects at this frequency range in both vertical, horizontal and any other deflected planes.

The XMPA is ground independent and is supplied terminated with 5.2 meters of ultra low-loss LMR200 (or equivalent) RG58 size coax cable to allow ease of installation, while keeping cable losses to a minimum to ensure optimum range performance. It uses a Motorola style NMO roof mount to allow direct mounting on a vehicle roof, or alternately, can be easily attached to roof racks, gutter mounts or any suitable surface using the supplied right angle stainless steel mounting bracket.

XMPA (v3) series Multi-polarity N-Type, roof or rack-mount, Antenna Kit includes 5.2m of LMR200 type low loss coax terminated in SMA-RP, stainless steel right angle mounting bracket,x10dr antenna and 3 mounting screws.

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