XJB-DCI Junction Box

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The XJB-DCI has been designed to significantly reduce the levels of these TDMA ground noises and provides four 12V isolated DC outputs to connect to X10DR Gateways and two non-isolated direct Batt+ outputs for powering XMVC mobile chargers. We recommend the use of our XJB-DCI Junction box rather than the standard XJB and XDIA interface devices when interfacing multiple X10DRs to ALL TDMA radios. TDMA radios include all TETRA, DMR, MotoTrbo and P25 Phase II radios. The XJB-DCI provides DC isolated 12 volts to operate the X10DR devices.

Connecting modern-day digital devices requires careful attention to device grounding. Installers should pay special attention to ensuring good grounds are achieved to all antenna mounts and power supplies of all electronic devices. The necessity for good grounding becomes especially important where the quantity of devices sharing a common power supply expands in complexity. Refer to the X10DR Plus Installation Guide for further information.

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