XJB-DCI Junction Box

Wireless Pacific

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This 6-way junction box provides 4 DC isolated ports for connectivity between multiple X10DR gateway devices. This is suggested to be used instead of a standard XJB junction box to prevent/minimize  TDMA ground audible noise emanating from connected TETRA, MotoTrbo, DMR, P25 Type II and other TDMA radio devices.

 XJB-DCI boxes also includes two un-isolated ports for connection of X10DRMC mobile chargers.

Additionally, a DC input port to allow connection of an XDCC 12VDC Auxiliary Cable (order separately) to be used whenever more than three X10DRMD gateways and/or X10DRMC mobile chargers are connected.  

Devices can be paralleled when required for greater connectivity. An XDIA can be used for connecting two XJB-DCI to one host radio.

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