X3MK-B 3 way Gateway mounting bracket with DC charging backup

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A DC backup charging version of the X3MK.

Designed for those vehicles that have their batteries isolated "after hours". The X3MK-B provides built-in DC backup batteries so that X10DR handsets can still recharge if a vehicle's power is removed. Use standard X10DR XSMB-C14 batteries (included) for periodic replacement ~3 years. Fully automatic it recharges itself whenever battery power is connected.


Provides a very compact and tidy way to install a gateway and two mobile chargers or just three mobile chargers in a vehicle. Includes short 25cm RJ45 connection cables.
Has two (2) end RJ45 ports. One should connect to the host mobile radio via an XIC cable of the desired length and a radio specific XCA adaptor or junction box, if applicable. Multiple units can be daisy-chained with an XIC cable when desired.
Image is shown with XMVC mobile chargers attached - order XMVC separately or are included as part of XEX2 packages.

Operational regulations in some agencies require that vehicles have their batteries isolated and disconnected from auxiliary electronic devices at night or whenever the vehicle is being garaged. In such installations, DC power will not be subsequently available for recharging X10DR Secure Mics that only are returned to the charging cradle at the end of the workday.

This installation device is designed to provide "after hours" charging of X10DR handsets for installations in vehicles where the battery is completely "isolated" whenever the vehicle is non-operational. When the vehicle is operational, the internal batteries are recharged while the vehicle's battery power is also passed to power the X10DR devices attached.

When the X10DR handsets are placed back into the gateway cradles or XMVC mobile chargers, they will immediately commence recharging from the vehicle battery, if available, but if not, from the internal battery power bank.

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