X10DR Lite Series Mobile Package - Model: X10DR-LU1

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The X10DR Lite model is our most simple, low-cost, yet safe way for your workforce to maintain group-based, two-way communication, ensuring your team's effectiveness, whether your staff are working, in, or out of their vehicle. X10DR Lite, ensures you maintain your occupational safety & health  compliance by allowing your staff to stay connected to their mobile radio for up to 300 meters, (1000ft) when working away from their vehicle.

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Your staff are only a single button press away from calling for assistance over their mobile two-way radio. X10DR Lite delivers the same out-of-vehicle communications performance reliability as its X10DR Pro/Elite model variants, in a slimmed-down package that does not have the advanced systems features (& associated additional cost) that is demanded by first responders using the X10DR Elite model. X10DR Lite was designed specifically for every other mobile two-way radio user that seeks the same liberating and proven, long-distance wireless microphone communication out of their vehicle found in every X10DR released since its very first, patented, conception.

Standard Package includes:

X10DR Lite Secure Wireless Mic with XSMA antenna, Magnetic latching, 1450mA Li-Polymer battery, integrated mounting clip, Gateway charger, XCA-RJ45 DB15-RJ45F adaptor, XMCAK 1/4 wave omnidirectional small (~5cm) antenna with 5.2 meters LMR200 type low loss coax and pre-terminated with RP SMA connectors and L Shape mounting bracket, 1.5M radio Interface cable, user card, and 12-month warranty.

Also order:

For better non-line of sight performance upgrade the antenna to an XMPA multipolarity antenna (recommended)

Order the XCA Interface Cable to suit your mobile radio from the drop-down box when purchasing to complete your vehicle fit-out.

Always refer to your mobile radio's service manual and the XCA Master Charts at for correct configuration requirements. Don't forget to set the optimum audio levels in and out of the host-connected radio/communications device (refer to the X10DR Lite user manual).

For remote mount order XEC-4.5 extension (4.5m) cable.

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