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The XEX2 Elite Plus Extra Handset package is intended to be ordered where a 2nd or 3rd handset is desired to be used with an Elite Plus X10DR-EX2 or when ordering XRTG-EX2 or XIVG-EX2 gateway components.

Elite Plus X10DR Secure Wireless Microphones not only provide cutting-edge on-site local team coverage but the best in class "Out Of Vehicle" communications solution in the industry today. Highly secure, they provide the highest levels of AES tactical encryption protection available. Handsets can typically communicate up to 500 meters / 1600 feet, line of sight. However, when relay mode via a centrally placed handset, coverage up to 1000 meters / 3200 feet is possible between distant handsets.

Elite Plus Hardware Creations:

Elite Plus features a number of innovative and unique creations to allow X10DR better integrate with the attached radio solution and to enhance the user's operational needs and effectiveness. While there is no change in the form factor of significance from the prior Elite series it's the non-visible capabilities that again provide industry leadership:

- Much LOUDER speaker audio for noisy traffic jams or wild stormy conditions.
- External battery operation/charging capability via handset Hirose connector.
- Enhanced receive audio when connecting to breathing apparatus etc
- Wireless "ring finger capability, so a user is free to apply both hands to their tasks while manually transmitting over the radio network.
- Mandown Monitor Option: locally alarms fellow crew and triggers the radio's emergency input if the user is immobile for longer than the defined parameter.
- Alternate non-metal long clip for electrical utility use.

Breakthrough Leadership firmware:

Automatic dynamic Relay Mode for well away" (i.e out of range) from the vehicle continued use, where the 2-3 Elite Plus handsets can dynamically connect with themselves to keep communicating locally wherever the handsets move (up to 1000m/3200ft LOS range) in both talkaround and user-selectable handsfree mode and they naturally automatically re-connect with the vehicle when back in range. - Command relay mode where one of three Elite Plus handsets can be dropped, for example: in a hospital emergency entranceway, so the two paramedics can stay constantly connected when entering an otherwise, 'out of coverage' triage area Paramedics̴ can communicate locally or back over the network via the vehicle. - Programmable Side PTT button re-assignment where the user can instantly re-assign the large side PTT button from transmitting over the radio to talking locally on-site.

Product Summary:

Automatic or Command Relay mode, IP67 waterproof rated handset - Emergency duress call - Talkaround PTT - Hirose Headset audio port -Enhanced ground independent antenna - User card - 12-month warranty - 1450mA Li-Polymer battery - integrated long mount clip - magnetic latching.

General Factory Options:

XMD Mandown Monitor handset - user immobilized. (MOQ 50)
XNMC Alternate non-metal back cover (suits electrical utilities). (MOQ 50)
XCFC Alternate color speaker microphone front cover & logo (MOQ 200).  


Wireless Pacific's X10DR Elite Plus solution allows users to communicate securely with AES encryption for up to 500 meters from each other, on an exclusive FHSS created license-free channel. The X10DR Elite Plus handsets are ideal for law enforcement, public safety, search and rescue use as three AES portable radios for exclusive local communications, license-free use anywhere. They provide up to 250 meters / 800 feet of coverage directly between portable handsets. or up to 1000m/3200ft when communicating via gateway. Factory pre-configuration option XPPC is available for an instant out-of-box operation.

The handsets can be configured either with Command lead handset and one or two partners or in Automatic mode, where they dynamically reconnect with each other to allow seamless local talkaround or handsfree communications.

Providing the ultimate in tactical voice protection the X10DR Elite Plus system continually changes its encryption keys randomly during the day, making these digital radios far more tactically operationally secure than traditional AES256 P25 radios. These wearable wireless new age 'radios' weigh around just 130gms making them an ideal choice for many local on-site secure applications, especially covert undercover law enforcement.

The Elite Plus handsets provide up to 14 hours of operation from a single charge and also allow the use of an external Li-Ion power bank for extended multi-day usage. (requires the use of a XEBC external battery cable and USB style power bank.) Both desktop and vehicle mount chargers are available.

As another Elite Plus first, now whenever the users walk out of range of the vehicle, their handsets reconfigure* as a closed exclusive communication group. When back in range, they automatically re-connect with the vehicle/office installed host radio. (requires pre-configuration) When connected to the vehicle gateway every reception from the host radio is immediately passed through to every handset, even if a handset is talking locally, the transmission over the host radio occurs as soon as the user presses their PTT button.

The standard XEX2 package includes:

Out of Vehicle Communications System, Elite Plus feature set, IP67 waterproof handset with AES 128 Bit Encryption, Handsfree, Emergency, Talkaround, Hirose audio port, Enhanced Spk Mic antenna, 1450mA Li-Polymer battery, integrated long mounting clip, XMVC mobile charger, 2 x XIC-0.5 interface cables, XDIA dual interface adaptor, user card, and 12-month warranty.

Always refer to your mobile radio's service manual and the XCA Master Charts  for correct configuration requirements. On the support page, you will also find the XGALA Audio adjustment level software tool. Use this together with the XFPK programming cables (found elsewhere in the global store) to set the optimum audio levels in and out of the host-connected radio/communications device.

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