X10DR Compact Indoor Gateway - Model: XIVG-EX2 & XIVG-PU2

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To provide even greater flexibility including in-building coverage, Wireless Pacific has developed unique internal very compact Elite Plus and Pro Plus Gateways. XIVG gateways normally uses the standard handset XSMA2 antenna for mobile use where maximum range is not required or for in-building deployment (example: on ceiling installation)

When used with multiple Elite Plus handsets the XRTG-EX2 Elite Plus model acts as a Repeater doubling the effective range between 2 handsets. If desired, it can be used as a completely standalone repeater (i.e. with no host radio connection)  to allow two Elite Plus handsets to communicate fully secure (AES128 bit encryption) within a nominal 500 meter line of site radius of the XIVG-EX2 gateway.

The XIVG Plus compact housing mounts is very small and lightweight and attached with two screws to any flat surface. XIVG operation has been confirmed up to 60C (140F)and down to -30C (-22F) meaning it can operate in most environment extremes.

Touchless Pairing Process

Hold the handset nearby, pressing both its blue buttons until the blue LED flashes rapidly and the handset beeps (after 5 secs). Now power on the XIVG. A few seconds later pairing confirmation tones will sound and the LED on the handset will glow solid.

The normal XIVG package includes:

AES 128 Bit Encrypted, Internal mount gateway, XSMA2 antenna, XIC-0.15 Interface cable, user card and 12-month warranty.

Installation Options:

XIC-0.15 shielded 15cm Cat 7 white flat interface cable is included. Other lengths  order as desired. Order the XCA Radio specific adaptor to suit your mobile radio. Click Here

For standalone repeater operation:

Order with XDCC-RJ 1.5m fused DC power cable terminated with RJ45 .  Includes 110-240VAC/DC power supply 12VDC @100mA

Handset Ordering:

For XIVG-EX2: Order up to 2 or 3 sets of XEX2* Elite Plus X10DR Handset packages. 

For XIVG-PU2 : Order one X10DRSM-PU2 Pro Plus handset and XMVC mobile charger or  XDTC Desktop charger.

* Alternatively order 2 x X10DRSM-EX2 and 2 XDTC desktop chargers

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