XCA-M16 Suits Motorola 16 pin (Not TETRA models)

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Motorola has over the years used the 16 pin connector on a wide variety of models. You should check the radio programming and/or jumpering to ensure the correct operation of the X10DR unit.

* Pin 8 or Pin 4: COR availability depends on the model. Connect ONLY if available

** Pin 9: may need programming for Emergency.

*** Pin 11: Audio should be set for pre-emphasis and gated where applicable by either programming or hardware jumper as applicable. If gated audio is not available, turn OFF VOX function on X10DR gateway is only other option however COR MUST be connected, be aware occasional noise burst may sound in Secure Mic depending on radioŠ—Ès COR performance.

before attempting a connection for GTX. Pleaseξrefer to their specific service manual.

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