B/ X10DR XEX2 Extra Handsets & XRTG Rooftop Gateway

XEX2 Elite Extra Handset packages provide an additional handset, mobile charger and interface cables and adaptors to install alongside an Elite X10DR-EX2 package. They can also be ordered when use of an external rooftop gateway (XRTG) is desired. Order up to three XEX2 handsets with each XRTG gatway unit. A two way (X2MK) and three way(X3MK) mobile charger mounting bracket it available to further streamline installation.

Elite devices exclusively allow two or three X10DR Elite users to share* a single-vehicle gateway unit, reducing equipment costs and simplifying installation with only a single gateway antenna required. The feature provides both users with local off-network conversations while also monitoring their vehicle’s radio channel and to communicate over the network as necessary. Additionally,

X10DR Elite handsets can be factory ordered with user-selectable, full-duplex, handsfree talkaround capability where multi-users can effortlessly communicate locally amongst themselves in full-duplex - totally handsfree - while still being able to listen to all traffic on their vehicle’s mobile radio and can instantly respond as usual with a press of the PTT button.

Handsfree Note:

Elite's handsfree mode allows users to communicate securely and privately locally on-site without the need to press to talk. Handsfree mode can be in many cases used without additional external earpieces as long as handsets are not within close audible range of each other. Prefered operation requires the use of a plug-in earpiece and locating the X10DR handset device on the user’s shoulder, i.e. close to the user's mouth for consistent performance. For best handsfree operation, we recommend the use of XHFH-X10 noise-cancelling headset with a boom microphone which can be located close to the user's lips (but not too close otherwise a handsfree operator’s breathing may be of annoyance to other listeners). The X10DR naturally provides programmable external microphone sensitivity so a wide selection of audio headset devices and operators can be supported.

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