X10DR XEX2 Extra Handsets & XRTG Rooftop Gateway & Rptr.

XEX2 Elite Plus Extra Handset packages provide an additional handset, mobile charger, and interface cables, and adaptors to install alongside an Elite Plus X10DR-EX2 package. They can also be ordered when the use of an external rooftop gateway (XRTG) is desired. Order up to three XEX2 handsets with each XRTG gateway unit. A two way (X2MK) and three-way(X3MK) mobile charger mounting bracket it available to further streamline installation.

Elite Plus devices exclusively allow two or three X10DR Elite users to share* a single-vehicle gateway unit, reducing equipment costs and simplifying installation with only a single gateway antenna required. The feature provides both users with local off-network conversations while also monitoring their vehicle’s radio channel and to communicate over the network as necessary.

X10DR Elite Plus handsets come with user-selectable, full-duplex, handsfree talkaround capability where multi-users can effortlessly communicate locally amongst themselves in full-duplex - totally handsfree - while still being able to listen to all traffic on their vehicle’s mobile radio and can instantly respond as usual with a press of the PTT button.


X10DR-RPTR is a suitcase repeater for connecting 6 handsets to a remote gateway all allowing the 6 handsets locally amongst themselves.