XMD Mandown Monitor Option

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The X10DR Elite Plus or Pro Plus handset can be factory fitted with the XMD Mandown monitor capability hardware that constantly monitors the activity of the user whenever they leave their vehicle. Mandown monitoring is automatically activated when the user removes their handset from its gateway charger. When returning the vehicle, it in turn de-activates when placed back into the charger pocket. (or any X10DR charger pocket)

Should the user remain totally stationary for longer than two minutes, the integrated device, will first endeavour to audibly alert the user with a 30-second countdown alert tone sequence. If the user does not momentarily press the PTT or Emerg button, once the alert sequence  has expired it will then trigger the host radio's emergency alarm.

For convenience, the movement detector can be temporarily paused by the user when away from the vehicle, as deemed necessary.

Live Mic can also be activated as part of the standard Advanced Emergency protocol so others sharing the radio channel/ talkgroup can audibly monitor the immobile user's situation.

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