Elite Plus X10DR Portable Radio On-site Solutions

Start with two self meshing handsets to provide up to 250 meters of AES ultra* secure communications, with either handset or Wireless PTT operation or upgrade to selectable handsfree connectivity fro greater flexibility. Add a third handset to create a three way roaming response team and realise up to a 500 meters meshed coverage. meshing means the portables automatically reconfigure their connections so they can communicate via the partner device closest to them so that all parties hear all conversations.

Need just for a specific location and want more range?
Simply install a centralized XRTG  Elite Plus Gateway repeater high up on a tower or building ceiling/top to get up to 1000m (1100 yards) portable to portable coverage or even more when meshing is operational. Power outages an issue? Just add the XRTB battery back accessory for multi day un-powered operation or simply add a solar panel for ongoing off-grid operation. 

Have a bigger user requirement?
Simply add one or two other teams to create a 9 member supergroup with instant Talkaround between all handsets. Selectable handsfree capability for greater user liberation is naturally still available. Just order the XHJB handsfree junction box and cabling to tie the 2/3 gateway together.

Personalized accessories:
Add covert 3 wire audio accessories, lightweight of heavy duty headsets, or simply an acoustic earpiece to create the totally License Free but exclusive private channel on-site comms system that best suits your operational needs.

The solution needs it to travel with you?
Then take a look at the X10DR-RPTR ultra compact suitcase solution. These fully integrated repeater packages allow up to 6 portables to operate as a single cohesive team wherever deployed in the country. Locate the IP67 waterproof rated small suitcase (Pelican 1200) at the highest point overlooking the desired comms area for optimum results.

More Information:

Go to: https://www.x10dr.com  and  download Elite Application Notes for further information.

*  Due to X10DR's unique dynamic random encryption key change throughout the day, Elite Plus AES 128 bit handsets are far more tactically secure than AES256 bitP25 solutions in practical use today. So talk freely your conversations are SECURE!