WPEH-TL Large black earpiece for iTRQ.

Wireless Pacific

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For use with iTRQ Advanced Ear Microphones connected to X10DR handset Hirose audio ports. The 2.5mm Twist and Lock "TL" series audio plug ensures total reliability of connection while allowing easy exchange of earpieces.

The high quality, durability, and reliability of Wireless Pacific ear receivers is the result of an impeccable design approach to meet the highest standards required by government agencies and law enforcement officers working in critical scenarios. Professional business users can feel assured that you are getting the same superior industrial class dependability and performance, no matter the size or type of your operation.

Comfortable. Clear audio.
Perfect for users with small ears.
Ear hook secures earpiece in a fast-paced environment.

The patented design allows you to save money while satisfying the duty of care OSHA compliance. When personal issue costs exceed your operational budget you can choose to just buy one iTRQ accessory per radio and then choose from a variety of inexpensive, comfortable earpieces to suit the personal preference of every staff member. Personal issue of earpieces is not only essential for hygiene, and occupational health.

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