X10DR Digital Vehicle Repeater System (DVRS) XWPB

Wireless PTT Button (finger)- XWPB

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Introducing the next best thing to handsfree for Radio PTT. Our compact but ultra-rugged XWPB wireless PTT button can be attached to your finger, freeing up your hands for more immediate physical responses. The fully adjustable velcro strap means it can also be used as a handle Bar PTT on motorcycles where desired. The button is highly waterproof with an IP65 plus rating.

The perfect addition for those using headsets or who need to use both hands while transmitting over the host radio. The ring finger wireless PTT button emulates pressing the handset s side PTT button. Short press to wake up the button from deep sleep or fast triple press to manually turn it off at the end of a shift to extend battery life.

Note: Works with both Elite Plus and Pro Plus model X10DR handsets. ( Requires pairing) Additionally, the XWPB is also compatible with previous Elite and Pro models when upgraded to the latest Elit/Pro firmware

Power On: Short press the PTT button.
Power Off: Fast triple press PTT button.
The PTT button automatically enters into power-saving mode after 60 seconds of inactivity. Press the PTT button once to go back into normal mode operation. Wake up time is very short.

New XWPB Pairing process:
1/ Enable handset pairing by simultaneously pressing the Volume Up & Down and Emergency (orange) buttons for 5 seconds. Pairing ready tones will sound from the handset.
2/ If a new XWPB, next open ring button and carefully insert CR2032 Li-Ion battery. The pairing process will start immediately and confirmation tones will sound in the handset when the process is complete.

Existing XWPB Pairing process:
If the battery is already installed and you wish to pair it with another handset.
Repeat item 1 above on the new handset. Pairing ready tones will sound. First triple Press PTT button to power OFF the XWPB. Next press the PTT button for 5 seconds to enter into pairing mode. A confirmation tone will sound from the handset when the pairing is complete.

Low battery alert
Battery life is typically 3-4 months depending on usage. A two beep low battery alert will sound through its paired handset whenever a replacement is required. Batteries can be replaced without the need to re-pair following the procedure.

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