Talkback Speaker Microphone Kit- XTBM

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Turns your X10DR gateway into a vehicle despatch console! The X10DR Talkback microphone has been designed specifically to allow a user remaining in the vehicle to maintain fullåÊcommunications with X10DR handset users out of the vehicle while maintaining the ability to instantly communicate withåÊothers over the host radio network.

The side PTT button on the talkback handset as default is designated as the radio PTT, butåÊif preferred, it can be pre-assigned as the Talkaround PTT button. When configured as such the top grey Control button is thenåÊassigned as the radio PTT button.

Alternatively, where priorities change constantly, the top grey Control button can act as an assignment toggle switch. Press it once and the side PTT button becomes the Talkaround Transmit button and the status LEDåÊchanges to green to let the user know they are communicating locally on the ground. Press it again and the side PTT buttonåÊbecomes the radio PTT button with the LED changes to blue to let the user know they are now talking out over the sky to theåÊradio network.

In either position, all X10DR wireless and wired handsets hear both sides of every conversation. The true allåÊinformed, group communication network where everyone remains connected.

The kit includes an XDIA dual interface adaptor and a XIC-0.5 50cm interface cable to allow the Talkback Mic to be plugged in series with the XIC åÊcoming from the XCA adaptor connected to the radio.