XHJB Handsfree box for multi gateway installations

XHJB Handsfree box for multi gateway installations

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This smart interface unit allows up to three X10DR gateways to be connected up to two radio communication devices. The XHJB reads parameters on the X10DR communication bus that allow the Handsfree application to sense whether any handset fitted with XHFO handsfree operation has activated handsfree mode. It attaches an adjustable level audio beep to the tail of each reception on radio 2.

The XHFB up to nine X10DR Elite handsets to; communicate over the host mobile radio channel,  amongst each other using the stop mounted Talkaround button, or in handsfree mode locally amongst themselves on-site when activated. 


It does not allow handsfree operation over the radio channel.

Users cannot transmit on radio 2 if handsfree is active on any handset. 

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