XCCP Firefront™ Console Command Panel

XCCP Firefront™ Console Command Panel

Wireless Pacific™

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Commander Control Panel for FireFront™ Universal Appliance Communications System. 

The Firefront™ Universal Appliance Communications System allows up seven X10DR Elite devices to be connected to the Fire appliance host mobile radio to provide a comprehensive, local intercom and network access system for fire fighters. Typical systems provide local at-scene, off-network private AES secure communications with the ability to also monitor and transmit over the vehicle’s main despatch mobile radio for up to 700 meters from the vehicle.

The housing is water-resistant to IP65 and can be mounted within the cabin or externally near the pump control area, as desired. Order XIC cable with desired  length if installed internally, or if not, order XRTC-5.2 cable if installed in external location. The cabinet has a AMPS mount on the rear of the unit. Order a XMDM2  for more flexible mounting or your installer can arrange alternatives 

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