X10DR Digital Vehicle Repeater System (DVRS) X10DR-XX1

X10DR-XX1 : "Original" X10DR for FREE*

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We are confidentåÊthat once you try X10DR, you will quicklyåÊestablish what you really need toåÊspend to get practical and effective radio coverage for your staff when their duties require them to leave their vehicles.

So for a very short time, we are offering an X10DR trial unit for Free* so you can see for yourself why more and more organizations are choosing X10DR for their out-of-vehicle communications requirements.åÊBe quick as the availability of theseåÊoriginal design, X10DR-XX1 devices areåÊstrictly limited. Offer is only open toåÊnew bonafide government, business,åÊenterprise NEW customers only#. Note:åÊYou only pay for the radio-specific interface adaptor required foråÊyour mobileåÊradio and International shipping.åÊ

The first-generation X10DR-XX1 models allow users to communicate securely for up to 300 meters from their vehicle, on an exclusive FHSS created license-free channel. The X10DR handsets are ideal for law enforcement, public safety, Fire, Ambulance, Electrical utilities, in fact, just aboutåÊanyone who communicates via a high-powered mobile radio. If you like, choose also buy an XMPA multipolarity antenna to see improvements in non-line-of-sight use.

By trialing the original X10DR-XX1 model with Emergency, it will provide a good representation of the minimum performance you could expect and thereby be confident to purchase the latest generation Elite Plus oråÊPro Plus series with provide up to 500 meters coverage, and which willåÊprovide even great levels of performance and a lot more systems functionalityåÊincluding multi-handset operation for the Elite Plus series.åÊAll X10DRåÊhandsets are equally at home connected via a vehicle or office mounted radio console, sat-link, HF, Airband, etc communication device to the outside world. TheåÊX10DR gateway, which also provides the interconnection to land mobile, Iridium PTT, Satellite, or console devices via aåÊmodel-specific interface adaptor.

* pay only for XCA series radio interface adaptor and shipping.åÊ# Sorry, but this trial offer is NOTåÊavailableåÊto individual purchasers, radio enthusiasts,åÊAmateurs or existing X10DR dealers or resellers.

X10DR-XX1åÊBrochureåÊ åÊ åÊ åÊåÊX10DR-XX1åÊUser ManualåÊåÊ

The trial package includes:åÊåÊX10DR-XX1åÊoriginal Out of Vehicle Communications System featuring:åÊIP55åÊrated weatherproof handset with Safer+ 128bit Encryption, åÊEmergency, Hirose audio port, 1/4 waveåÊSpk Mic antenna, åÊLi-Polymer battery, integrated mounting clip, åÊmobile charging gateway, XMMAåÊmagnetic mount 1/4 wave antenna kit with 3.5m LMR200 type low loss coax, user card and 3-month warranty. (Order XMPA Multipolarity NMO roof/rack mount antenna kit if desired.)åÊ

Order the XCA Interface Cable to suit your mobile radio from the drop-down box when purchasing to complete youråÊvehicle fit-out.åÊRefer to your mobile radio's service manual and the XCA Master Charts atåÊhttps://www.x10dr.com/supports/ for correct radio configuration requirements. Two trimpots in theåÊbase of Gateway/X-Ponder allow easy setting of Transmit and radioåÊReceive optimum audio levels in and out of the host-connected mobile radio/communications device.

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