Technical Support

A full up to date range of technical support is available for the web site. You will find just about everything available there for your convenience.

For general product information click here.

For brochures, user manual and technical support documents click here.

For details on XCA interface adaptor connectivity click here.

For Installation instructions click here.

To download the XGALA Gateway audio level adjustment tool for setting the correct audio levels in and out of the gateway to your host radio click here. ( requires use of a Windows 10 PC and usb-a to USB-Micro cable). We suggest you order an XFPK field programming kit so all handset and gateway functionality can be customised to optimize your X10DR experience.

To download the field programming software tool click here. Pay attention to the application installation instructions including the installation of Bluesuite. Note the X10DR Field Programming application requires use of a USB 2.x port. If your Windows 10 PC only has 3.0 ,we suggest you by. allow cost USB 3 to USB 2 hub.

To download the Programming Parameter guide click here.

To download the X10DR Elite Plus and Pro Plus user manual click here.

To download the X10DR Lite user manual click here.

To contact our customer support team click here.