X10DR- RPTR Suitcase Repeater/Gateway


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To help better penetrate buildings and/or deal with physical obstacles preventing good wireless communications between X10DR users back to their vehicle, Wireless Pacific has developed the RPTR Range Extender. Integrated into a small Pelican® 1200 compact suitcase, the X10DR-RPTR extends handset range well beyond the normally available coverage back to the vehicle. Up to six handsets can be affiliated with each RPTR.

The IP67 waterproof rated X10DR RPTR is normally placed at the edge of the vehicle’s established coverage area creating a new coverage zone of up to 500 meters from the suitcase. When used for in-to-building coverage, the suitcase would typically be placed inside the building at a chosen optimum secure position that overlooks the desired coverage within the building while still maintaining a clear connection with the host vehicle X10DR Elite system. All normal functionality is maintained while operating via the RPTR. The RPTR uses touchless pairing to connect to the host mobile radio gateway.

Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone repeater or up to 6 Elite Plus handsets.


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