XSJB Smart Junction Box: Dual radio.

Wireless Pacific

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Provides for dual radio control with single or dual gateway connectivity. The Control port provides external access to the Refer to XSJB installation instructions for further details. 

Dual-radio transmit is achieved by pressing normal handset PTT for radio 1 and pressing the top “Control” (normally used for  Talkaround) button for radio 2 transmit. 

All received audios are mixed and sent to handset/s. If desired, radio 2 receptions can have a short audio beep attached to the end of each reception so that users can be sure on which radio the reception occurred. The audio level adjustments allow you to set transmit and receive volume levels to each radio as well as the audio level of the radio 2 audio tag. 

Note: “Off network “talkaround is not available when dual radio control is required. Users however still hear both sides of all conversations.

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