X10DR Digital Vehicle Repeater System (DVRS) XVMC

XVMC Alternate Velcro mount back cover

Wireless Pacific

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This factory option provides an alternative clothing attachment and uses Velcro "hook" on the back of the handset. The option includes 5x5cm (2"x2") Velcro "loop" patch to be sown to uniform or safety vest etc.

Clips are fine for some attire but for optimum performance, the X10DR handset should sit in just the right location. The velcro mount back cover allows the X10DRåÊhandset to be easily positionedåÊin the ideal operating position, i.e. your top left shoulder with theåÊantenna projecting above the shoulder for optimum coverage and performance. åÊ

Allows you to leave the handset alwaysåÊattached to your shoulder and simply turn your head, as you push the PTT and talk. BuyåÊa finger XWPB wireless PTT Button for even greater ease of operation and keep both your hands on the taskåÊin front of you.

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