XVMC-RK-B X10DR Upgrade kit. (Includes FREE XSMB-C14)

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Special Promotion - Velcro back cover upgrade kit


Take advantage of this special field promotional upgrade kit and get a FREE replacement 1450mA XSMB-C14 X10DR handset battery included with a Velcro® mount back conversion kit.  Buy 1 ..buy 20.. no limit while promotion lasts.

Clips are fine for some attire but for optimum performance, the X10DR handset should sit in just the right location. The velcro mount back cover allows the X10DR handset to be easily positioned in the ideal operating position, i.e. your top left shoulder with the antenna projecting above the shoulder for optimum coverage and performance.  

Allows you to leave the handset always attached to your shoulder and simply turn your head, as you push the PTT and talk. Buy a finger XWPB wireless PTT Button for even greater ease of operation and keep both your hands on the job in front of you.

Replacement back cover kit complete with labeling for Elite and Pro versions to provide a Velcro mounting arrangement. Includes a Velcro mating patch to sew to work uniform or safety vest etc. It takes less than two minutes to swap the back cover over, so change the battery while the covers off. Take extra care when unplugging and plugging back in the small battery connector. Also, make sure the back cover O-ring is in place before re-assembling to ensure the weatherproof seal.

* Replacement battery suits all X10DR handsets regardless of the year of manufacture or back cover type fitted.

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